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new gravity media - marketing in the digital world

We help brands create, engage and inspire an online audience.

How brands and companies market to customers is changing. In a digital world, businesses need to share experience, add value and build trust with an audience. 

New Gravity Media helps build digital ecosystems to achieve just that – crafting your brand narrative and character to build a community, improve brand loyalty and develop customer engagement. We use digital platforms to grow business, improve relationships and inspire action.

With our forward-thinking storytelling model we collaborate with brands, individuals and other agencies to produce valuable digital assets, design paid media advertising campaigns and drive real results.  



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Three Pillars of New Gravity Media: 

Story Lab (Brand Storytelling, Content Marketing and Digital Strategy)

Social Hub (Social Media Marketing and Management) 

Video Studio (Digital Film Production and Marketing) 

Our Story, Social and Video services are guided through our Story Standards program to ensure that we have built content and media that is of substance, which can inspire, create leads and initiate customer action. We use digital insights to make sure that our strategy is working and we are hitting our planned outcomes. 


The New Gravity Promise

We understand modern customer behaviours and track digital trends. We recognise that customers and audiences are increasingly hungry for engagement and want added value from brands. They want to be told a story and be able to invest emotionally with your business. New Gravity Media are storytellers with a purpose. We build value to a brand by opening up conversations, enhancing digital visibility and developing engagement. We build stories through modern platforms – both visual and written –to help shape your overall value.


New Gravity Media is founded by former professional cyclist and writer, Adam Phelan.

Adam Phelan has been involved in professional sport for nearly a decade. Over this time he has had the opportunity to work with brands, help build digital profiles and implement marketing strategies. 

Over the years, Adam realised there is significant gap in the modern marketing field. He saw that brands, companies and individuals, needed to be more focused on storytelling and shape these marketing strategies through digital platforms.

New Gravity Media was born to help fill this gap. As a writer (Soigneur Journal, Ride Magazine, CyclingTips, The Roar, Play Magazine), Adam understands the power of a great story. Stories are what connects us, it is what drives us to take action and makes us feel real emotion. 

With his skills in digital media – as well as his business and marketing experience gained through sport – Adam seeks to work with brands to help them realise their full digital potential and shape their own story.