Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


 all about new gravity media

New Gravity Media is a marketing studio living in the digital world. We aim to utilise the modern platforms – such as social media, online video, blog and native digital content – to help businesses engage with their customers, enhance public perception and participation and ultimately improve business outcomes and profit.

Using data insight and detailed analytics as a guide, the core work of New Gravity Media is producing quality and captivating storytelling – to create content that is genuine and exciting, which drives business results that has positive outcomes for all stakeholders.    


Gravity is the natural attraction between two bodies of mass. It is a fundamental law of the universe, it is what keeps our two feet planted on the surface of the Earth. 

Today, the forces that connect us and draw us together are channelled through digital content and social media. In this way, digital media has become our New Gravity. New Gravity Media recognises the power and force of this medium – helping businesses and organisations to take advantage of this digital reality. 

Above anything else we are storytellers, because it is stories that is at the core of humanity 




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