Video Marketing for Medical Professionals


Video Marketing for Medical Professionals

Video is the most powerful and effective storytelling tool available today. It is also the fastest growing medium online with YouTube being the second largest search engine after Google. For the Medical Industry, video is extremely important in building trust, creating connections and develop relationships with potential patients. That's why New Gravity Media launched a specialised video service for Medical Professionals.


how video can give doctors and private practices the edge

Patient-based referrals are growing every year, with more people doing their own research when making medical decisions. It's important for physicians to show potential patients what makes their care different from other practices and to build relationships with them before they even met you. 

video is proven to be a more effective marketing tool than text and pictures

A study conducted by Google and Compete, found that online content plays a significant role in a patient's research process (see below).

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Video makes a real connection to patients/potential patients faster and more effectively than website text. Embedded videos on websites can also increase traffic by up to 55% and help create an emotional response. Video is also known to increase your website’s ranking on Google.

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A short introduction video can showcase a physician's personality, motivations and values. A personal story shown on video can help form a sense of trust within seconds, showing a physician's personable nature and trustworthiness, in a way that words can not capture. Video is great to engage prospective patients and convert them into loyal long-term patients.  


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